While you can take all the precautions in the world to keep your skin protected from harm, there are certain activities and lifestyles that are all but unavoidable. Knowing which daily conditions you interact with can put your skin at risk is a great way to start taking better care of it.

These working environments, while not always obvious, have been shown to put your skin under pressure for a variety of reasons, and since they form part of the working world, they are unavoidable; but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way of giving your skin that extra protection it needs while you are in them.

Working Outdoors

Jobs that take place outdoors, such as in the agricultural industry, expose your skin to adverse weather conditions for extensive periods of time. This could lead to dryness and where UV rays are concerned, can lead to damage and even cancer.

Up in the Air

Cabin crew and pilots face working conditions that are particularly tough on the skin. Between heavily air-conditioned cabins and all those UV rays up there, your skin will be under immense pressure if you jet-set everyday as part of your job.

In the Workshop

Workshops contain a number of skin-damage risks, including solvents, oil and grime, and even just damage from working with harsh materials.

On the Road

Doing deliveries, transportation or even being a sales-rep has you sitting in a vehicle for most of the day, every day. This exposes you to harsh weather conditions and a lot of harmful UV rays. On top of that, if you spend most of each day in an air conditioned car, you will definitely suffer from dry skin.

The Air Conditioned Office

What working environment could be safer for your skin than a cosy, air conditioned office with few harmful UV rays coming in; right?

Office environments have a number of dangers to skin, starting with the air conditioner, through to any microbes in the carpet.

On top of this, since office workers spend most of their time out of the sun, when they finally do get into it in the early evenings or on weekends, their skin may be more sensitive to those rays.

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