The Benefits Of Using Organic Lotion

Organic lotions have become far more popular than they used to be in the recent past.

The reason for this is that many people are starting to realise that these lotions are actually benefiting them more so than other more mainstream lotions.

Although these more conventional lotions do provide your skin with a form of care and protection, their level of skin care and protection is questionable.

Skin protection creams come in different sizes and all boast that they can fully realise your skin moisture dreams, however, a lot do tend to have ingredients which are stopping this process.

Moisturising is very important for your skin as the skin is the largest organ, and where it can take a lot of damage, after time there will be some side effects, with the big one being skin cancer.

Before you purchase skin protection creams, do your homework and look into what ingredients are found in the cream.

Here are five benefits to using an organic lotion which will help you to better decide which lotions you want to use on your body.

These benefits are as follows, organic lotion encourages healthier skin, avoiding synthetic endocrine disruptors, supports natural moisturising resources, no contaminants or synthetic materials and finally, no unnatural fragrances and perfumes.

Healthier Skin

Skin protection creams which are made from organic materials, such as plant-based materials, as they filled with ingredients and vitamins which heal your skin.

Not only do they heal your skin but they are also promoters of healthy skin as they are able to actively develop the moisture on the top layer of your skin, which is the most affected.

These types of skin protection creams also use renewable materials which is important in helping to curb our environmental impact.

Gloves In A Bottle believes that using organic materials in their product is not only helping in terms of getting your skin to be as healthy as possible, but it also helps our earth.

Avoiding Synthetic Endocrine Disruptors

There is a multitude of different endocrine disruptors which are used in almost all of the everyday moisturisers that we use.

The issue is that they’re being used, applied to the skin, and all the while are not good for our bodies. It is especially not good for the body’s largest organ, the skin.

Using skin protection creams which do not use these synthetic endocrine disruptors will help and heal your body far more than other, more conventional creams.

In some cases, the disruptors found can have serious effects on the development of male infants.

On top of this certain disruptors can start to form on the top of the skin, while others have been said to potentially affect the brain.

Supports Natural Moisturising Resources

Organic materials found in skin protection creams help in terms of activating the release of natural oils and vitamins which benefit your skin.

The fact that your skin is able to absorb these nutrients will benefit you far greater than using the common moisturisers that we have at our disposal today.

Another big benefit is that these more organic lotions and skin protection creams help in decreasing the amount of inflammation and anti-oxidants properties for your skin.

On top of this, you will see an improved healing time on the surface of your skin as well as the restoring of your the barrier of your skin.

No Contaminants Or Synthetic Materials

As mentioned before, there are moisturisers and lotions which are used that have certain materials inside of it which is not only bad for the human skin but is also bad for the environment.

Affects such as organ toxicity can occur due to the fact that some of these lotions use certain compounds as preservatives.

There are even lotions which have materials in them which are promoters, not deterred, of skin cancer.

Choosing a company that sells top quality and healthy skin protection creams such as Gloves In A Bottle, can save you time in wasting money on products that are negatively affecting you.

No Unnatural Fragrances And Perfumes

Most lotions use artificial perfumes and fragrances in order to give their product a specific smell, all used to make it more attractive to buy.

Where this marketing ploy is good for business, these unnatural smells and could be bad for our skin.

On top of real organic skin protection creams being better in terms of actually providing you with the vitamins and oils your body needs, they’re also all-natural smelling.

The fact that there is no information on how these fragrances are infused into the lotions, this tends to explain to us that they obviously aren’t made naturally.

Although we know it may be dangerous, we aren’t sure exactly how dangerous or what affects it has on our skin.

The best thing to do is shop from a business who you know that their products are made fairly and healthily.

Choosing more organic skin protection creams will prevent the above from happening as a direct result of moisturisers and protectors.

The Importance Of Using Sunscreen

South Africa is a sunny country, both in terms of our people as well as the heat.

When it comes to the heat, it can rise quite substantially, leaving many people exposed to the harshness and dangers of the sun.

This is where sunscreen comes into play.

Sunscreen was designed in order to help prevent the negative effects of the sun while also allowing you to tan if that is what you are going for.

Gloves In A Bottle provides skin protection creams, moisturisers and sunscreen which are all aimed towards ensuring your skin does not get damaged.

Sunscreen is important for all genders and races as the sun is able to impact each and every person.

The reason as to why such skin protection creams and sunscreens are so vital is that the decrease the chance of people getting skin cancer.

The sun has its good properties and helps us with giving us Vitamin D, essential for keeping your bones healthy.

On the flip side, too much exposure to the sun can have drastic short term affects such as dehydration and heat stroke just to name a few.

The long term effect is, of course, skin cancer as we have mentioned above.

Choose skin protection creams and apply them daily, as they are designed to ensure that the above mentioned does not occur.

Of course, being proactive is always the best choice, where drinking water and also0 taking breaks out of the sun is important too.

These skin protection creams and sunscreens also help in keeping your skin looking tight, hydrated and healthier over those hot summer months.

While being there primarily for sun protection, sunscreens, including those sold by Gloves In A Bottle, apply moisture to your skin as well.

Why Is Moisturising So Important?

You make be asking yourself why is moisturising so important, why does it seem like such a vital task.

The answer to that can be a short one, it is very important because dry skin can be quite an ordeal.

The skin protection creams we use is important to getting the right vitamins, minerals and oils which can help our skin maintain a healthy existence.

However, dry skin is something which can seriously affect a person’s life.

Although dry skin is common, if left untreated it can turn into a whole host of different things.

Remember, the skin is the largest organ which is tasked with being a protector of the internal organs. If the skin begins to be affected by the environment this could affect your insides.

If the skin is not protected then it leaves our body with a bigger chance of being hit hard by infections and diseases.

Itching, Cracking Of The Skin And Bleeding

When your skin begins to dry out, the skin starts to weaken which if still left untreated, by not using skin protection creams, your skin can begin to crack.

The problem with cracked skin is that your skin has lost its elastic feature and so doing anything to vigorously can lead to that area starting to bleed.

This is an issue as now the use of skin protection creams is not really going to help, you will need to wait for it to heal before you can use any creams or moisturisers.

Another form of dry skin which we have all suffered from is chapped lips which can be quite painful if not treated.

Higher Chance Of Infection

As your skin cracks, whether or not haemorrhaging occurs, external impacts now have a pathway into your body.

Having healthy skin helps in creating a block between dirt and dust, among other things, finding its way inside.

The best thing for you to do is to act before it gets to this stage.

As stated above the use of skin protection creams is important as infections can affect your body easier if you are not taking care of your skin.

You will know if you have an infection of an area becomes inflamed or is red, as the infection spreads the area may feel hot to the touch and will also feel quite sensitive.


Another condition which can come about is eczema. This condition includes redness as well as inflammation.

Another factor with untreated eczema is the cracking of the skin which as mentioned above can lead to those areas becoming increasingly more susceptible to the possibility of infection.

Using sunscreen and other skin protection creams before stepping into the sun is vital.

However, it was found that sunlight exposure, to parts of the body which have eczema, actually decreases the redness and inflammation and decreases any itchiness.

This is why it is important to use special creams which help with eczema as well as regularly using skin protection creams on your skin and on these sensitive areas to limit the amount of dry skin.

Level Of Dry Skin

Depending on how severe your dry skin is will affect what measures you will need to take in order to prevent any breakages or infections from occurring.

Taking stock of how often you are using skin protection creams as well as what types of creams you are using will help you to better treat your largest organ.

As you get older, your skin can begin to decrease in health, however, using skin protection creams at an early age, as well as at an older age, will replenish and rejuvenate it.

Dry skin will, of course, affect older people much more severely and the risk of infection will be much higher than for a younger person.

Building up habits of using sunscreen and skin protection creams will ensure that you are in a perfect position as you start to age.

On top of this, your skin will not age as much compared to those who do not use lotions, sunscreen and creams.

Gloves In A Bottle believe in their products. They have done the work in terms of researching how to produce the best products, with the most benefits and at the best price.

Their range of skin protection creams and sunscreen are all specifically designed in order to provide a barrier between the environment, all the while improving the quality and health of your skin.

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