Are you sick and tired of the conventional moisturisers only masking your dry skin, attempting to replace the lack of natural moisture and oils in your body with artificial moisture. Its time to try Gloves in a bottle, a unique all in one shielding and dry skin lotion that will lock in the good and keep the bad out. Gloves in a bottle is scientifically proven to be six times more effective than your average artificial moisturisers. It gives your skin additional protection against moisture depleting irritants.

The benefits of Gloves in a bottle

Gloves in a bottle will protect you against dry, cracked and irritated skin as well as red and flaky skin. It can help with cracked feet whilst being diabetic friendly. Gloves in a bottle will protect your hands and skin from hand sanitisers and surgical scrubs as well as frequent hand washing and irritants in your home and the workplace.

The risks of everyday life

The outer most layer of your skin is made up of dead skin cells, natural oils and lipids. Which are designed to protect your deeper layers of skin from irritate and toxins. Most soaps and cleansers contain ingredients that eat away at your skins natural defensive layer compromising it and allowing these toxins and irritants in. A shielding lotion such as gloves in a bottle replenish this protective layer and thus protects your skin and can help heal skin disorders. Without this protective layer you are susceptible to dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies and many more undesirable skin and health problems that you could rather do without.

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