Our skin is a strange thing. It needs just the right environment, diet and care to be kept at its best, and the smallest things in your daily life could contribute to it becoming dry or damaged.

While the right dry skin remedies do an exceptional job of keeping it looking fresh, full and full of life, there are a few parts of your daily activity that could be undermining it.

Your Caffeine Intake

Coffee has become somewhat of a global staple. Almost everyone enjoys it (or is hopelessly addicted to those wondrous little beans), and while it has one or two health benefits that can be enjoyed, an excessive amount will noticeably draw moisture from your skin; leaving it looking tired.

Hot Baths and Showers

I love a hot bath, the longer and hotter the better.

As a result, I suffer from dry skin; especially in winter when the air not only gets dryer, but the baths get even longer and hotter. Hot water, while soothing the skin in the moment, is actually quite bad for it.

Hot water can strip away the outer layer of the epidermis, the result of which is harsh, dry, red and scaly skin.

Too Much Time on the Phone

Mobile phones, despite being dazzling marvels of technology that we all rely heavily on, are also a breeding ground for an army of icky bacteria.

Think of where they go, who touches them, and how dirty they get. Now take that little glass petri dish with all of its culturing microbial lifeforms and put it to your face (just like you do when you talk to it), and watch those life-forms spread to your skin, causing breakouts, rashes and other unwanted conditions along your jawline.

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