Are you looking for a lotion to make your skin feel irresistibly soft? Gloves in a bottle is a shielding lotion formulated to assist with dry, itchy, irritated skin in no time. Gloves in a bottle is not a conventional moisturiser, it’s a unique shielding lotion.

How does it work?

The science behind gloves in a bottle is it’s a shielding lotion that retains natural moisture oils in your skin which bonds the outer layer of skin, It’s an effective dry skin treatment. It bonds with dead skin cells which creates an invisible pair of cloves, hence the name gloves in a bottle. For that continued protection, you simply re-apply every 4 – 12 hours.

What range does it come in?

Gloves in a bottle comes in 3 different ranges; normal, natural and SPF15. Natural is super hydrating, normal is your regular bottle and SPF15 has the sunscreen factor in it. All 3 are scientifically formulated to give you that irresistibly soft skin.

Are there proven results?

Absolutely! The results are in the before and after pictures, its really magical. It can be used in the tough industrial environment all the way to a baby’s bum for nappy rash. Seeing is believing! It’s formulated for any and all individuals and scientifically proven to work.

Looking for the best cream on the market, get Gloves in a bottle today.

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